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Our Top 5 Trail Running Shoes

We aren't very big trail runners at Walks Around Britain.  

Ok, so Claire clearly is as she's Wild Ginger Running - but actually you don't have to be an ultra trail runner to find Trail Running Shoes useful.

Firstly, they are extremely comfortable - so anyone wanting something well-fitted could do well to look at trail running shoes.  Secondly, because of their grip, there are a lot of other activities which are starting to find them useful... many dog trainers doing agility and flyball wear trail running shoes as they provide sure-fire grip on different surfaces whilst changing direction.

So, we've put together our selection of the Top 5 Trail Running Shoes available now.  Here, you'll see talk of TPU - proper name thermoplastic polyurethane - which is a type of synthetic leather, as well as the more familiar GORE-TEX and other terms from the walking world.

As we get to see new kit, we'll be updating this page, so keep popping back to stay up-to-date with our selection.

Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe

In our view, the Speedcross 4's are the ones to beat.  They are the fourth edition of this iconic outdoor running shoe, and feature some nifty design.

The ContaGrip tread provides some of the best traction and stability we've seen not just at this price, but at any price.  There are breathable, of course, and have great toe protection to guard against rouge debris.  The Sensifit system ensure your foot is always in the correct place inside the shoe, and the Quicklace feature again is possibly the best we know.

And they look the best.  All in all, a pretty good buy.

Women's - £70.00 - Buy Now

Men's - £70.00 - Buy Now
Merrell All Out Crush Tough Mudder Shoes

From the company that has been associated with the Tough Mudder national events, comes the Tough Mudder trail shoes.  They've got a mesh and TPU upper which allows your feet to breathe whilst keeping them firmly in place.

Like the best car tyres, they have drainage ports help to disperse any water which does get into the shoe, and the pinwheel lugs give superb 360 degree traction, giving you the confidence you need to tackle the path ahead.

They look quite good too and are vegan friendly...

Women's - £60 - Buy Now

Men's - £60 - Buy Now

Dare2b Razor Trail Shoe

Not perhaps a name associated with trail running, but these Dare2b Razors aren't half bad.  They are a comfortable fit and lightweight - and its' a shock absorbing compression moulded EVA footbed which provides that underfoot comfort.  It features a breathable mesh upper with a free foot lacing system which is supposed to reduce pressure on the top of the foot - which it seems to do.  The multi-directional lugs give the shoes the stability on the hill.

With an original retail price of £100, now at under £40 these are a real steal...

Women's - £39.95 - Buy Now

Men's - £39.95 - Buy Now

The North Face Women's Ultra Endurance II GTX

These shoes really do give you confidence that you'll be able to take on any terrain at speed - and live to tell the tail afterwards!  The GTX in the name signifies the presence of GORE-TEX - in the form of a waterproof membrane which provides excellent resilience against the wet, and the exclusive Vibram megagrip outsole is the item which provides that stunning grip.

There's a range of other tech to stop your feet from feeling the pain on the hill, and at 302 grams each, they are without doubt one of the lightest shoes around.

£125 - Buy Now

Asics Frequent XT Trail Running Shoe

These are trail shoes which are lightweight, breathable and enable you to get outside on the hill without too much expense.  The reverse lugs are supposed to give great traction on both uphill and downhill terrain - and they do.  The trail-specific outsole helps here too, and there's a reinforced toe section to provide better comfort and protection from the wilds of the hill.

The Women's have a little bit of style with the pink beading, but on the Men's it has to be said the style train did pass them by a tad...

Overall though, very good value for the money.

Women's - £35.00 - Buy Now

Men's - £35.00 - Buy Now
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