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Our Top 5 Children's Walking Boots

It's our number top tip when starting out walking - buy the best walking boots you can afford, because if your feet are happy, the rest of you is happy.

But chosing which pair of walking boots to buy is probably one of the hardest choices for all our outdoor kit decisions.  So firstly, have a look at Our Guide to Walking Boots here, and then take a look at our selection of the Top 5 Children's Walking Boots available now.

As we get to see new kit, we'll be updating this page, so keep popping back to stay up-to-date with our selection.

Hi-Tec Altitude VI Lite Waterproof

A great all-rounder, the Hi-Tec Altitude VI Lite has a lot going for it – not least styling, but regretably Hi-Tec have switched back to gender names for the colours, rather than just allowing the colours to speak for themselves.

The rubber outsouls provide great grip and Hi-Tec claim these boots have a protective layer which repels water & dirt – and it seems to work.  We're really impressed with Hi-Tec's unique Big-Fit dual insole system which gives you another 3 months of extra wear by removing the volume adjuster insole as your child's feet grow... pretty nifty.

Girls - £40 - Buy Now

Boys - £40 - Buy Now

Vango Grivola

By the age of 14, most teenagers will be in adults’ sized boots, and these Vangos are one of the few on the recommended list for the DofE Award.

These from Vango are well suited to what the DofE will throw at them.  The Protex® full bootie membrane will keep your teens' feet stay dry and comfortable, and the outsole is designed well to give great grip - essential for a safe DofE experience.  Toes are protected with a durable rubber compound too.

£80 - Buy Now

Mountain Warehouse Rapid Kids Waterproof Boots

The big problem with walking boots for kids is they have a habit of growing out of them quickly… so these from Mountain Warehouse are amazing value for money.

The suede and mesh upper is breathable and waterproof, and there’s ample support for those growing ankles too.  Construction is very good for the price.

If your little ones don't mind either the lime green or pink beading, then you can get them for £26.99!

£53.99 - Buy Now

Hi Gear Kinder II WP Kids' Walking Boots

Available from the many Go Outdoors stores across the country, Hi Gear Kinder II WP Kids' Walking Boots are very much smaller versions of the adults in their styling, and has a design which should suit girls and boys.

Waterproof and fairly comfortable for the price, the man-made materials are quite strong and wipe clean easily.  Grip isn’t bad, but perhaps more suited to low-level family walks rather than starting ascents on mountains.

£30  - Buy Now

Lowa Kid's Arco Gtx Mid Junior

Ok, maybe ot the most well-known name in the UK, but Lowa make stunning boots - and the fact you can get these for your kids is amazing.  Safety is the name of the game, with a high collar which extends above the ankle providing stability whilst on the hill.  The Lowa Trac Junior outsole provides excellent grip on pretty muc every surface.

And they come complete with a GORE-TEX membrane to keep little feet dry and warm, and they come in a range of three snazzy colours - all designed to cater for any kid’s taste.

From £56.97 - Buy Now

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