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Our Top 5 Daypacks / Daysacks

Here's our selection of the Top 5 Daysacks or Daypacks at the moment.  

We class Daysacks as a pack between 15 - 30 litres (ish), which makes them a perfect size for going out walking for a day.  If you'd like any help with what to look for in a daysack, then click here for our guide.

As we get to see new kit, we'll be updating this page, so keep popping back to stay up-to-date with our selection.

Berghaus Twentyfourseven 25 Rucksack

Despite its clumsy name, the Berghaus Twentyfourseven 25 has pretty much everything you might need in a daypack.  Two large internal pockets – one suitable for a hydration bladder, two smaller mesh pockets for phones and GPS units, side mesh pockets for water bottles, a zipped pocket in the forward opening lid flap and attachments to carry walking poles.

It’s comfy too, thanks to the padded back, which features vented foam, and the shoulder straps, although not wide, are adjustable and supportive of the pack when full.  The bungee cords at the front allow you to attach items, as well as available in the brightest colours, it is an excellent pack for day walks.

£40 - Buy Now

Regatta Easypack II 25 Litre Lightweight Rucksack

How about a 25 litre daysack which is big enough to get in all the things you need to go out on a short walk, yet small enough so it will pack down into its own front pocket...?

Then add some breathable lightweight mesh backstraps ad a webbing carry handle, and you've got the Regatta Easypack II.  This is a perfect backpack for most of the walks we do on Walks Around Britain, able to carry drinks, snacks, a map and some other bits and bobs with ease.

Sure, it might not have mesh pockets on the side - but at £20 for a 25 litre rucksack, we're positive you can put bottles inside it...

£20 - Buy Now

The North Face Litus 32 Rucksack

This is a really well thought-out backpack, from the fact it comes in two sizes, so the fit should be a lot better than a “one-size for all” pack, to the adjustable sized front mash pocket – perfect to store wet items away from the main storage area.

There’s a decent sized zipped pocket on the front lid, one on the inside too – and the lid folds down quite far to allow easier access to the main compartment.  The obligatory sleeve is provided along with a service duct, so it’s suitable for a hydration bladder, and a handy pocket on the hip belt is perfect for a mobile or GPS unit.  The Litus has a semi-rigid frame, which might not be to anyone’s taste, but it is comfortable on the back.

£100 - Buy Now

Terra Nova Laser 20 Elite Pack

When you see the website stating the weight of this 20 litre capacity backpack is 210 grams (7 oz), you could be forgiven for feeling a little sceptical… but it really is.

It’s actually lighter than most outdoor jackets, which makes it perfect for longer treks, and although light it still has plenty of features.  It has four pockets in total, padded shoulder straps and is incredibly waterproof.  One concession to the light weight is a roll-top hood instead of a zipped one – but this does work very well and stops water seeping into the top of the pack.

£55 - Buy Now

WolffePack Escape

Every so often a product comes along which is completely revolutional.  In the backpack stakes, that’s quite difficult… they are bags which sit on your back.  But what if the pack bit could unhook from the shoulder straps for easy access without having to take it all off your back?

Well, that’s exactly what the very clever Wolffepack does.  By using a simple, but ingenious mechanism, the pack section drops down from the shoulder straps so you can grab it and bring it around to your front – so you can easily pack and unpack it without having to take it off.  Once finished, it clicks back into place on your back.

The Escape is a smallish 18 litres, but has laptop and tablet sleeves, 2 side pockets and an external zipper pocket – and inside there’s 2 main compartments and organiser section.  It’s not really designed for walking and hiking, but it is comfy on the back and would be a great addition to your outdoor kit.

£124.95 - Buy Now

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