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Our Top 5 Children's Walking Accessories

Here's our selection of the Top 5 Children's Walking Accessories at the moment.  

As kids get older, it seems to be increasingly difficult to get them out to go walking, and while we've got some hints and tips here, frankly any one of these Top 5s here could help to swing the balance in your favour!  Combining one of these and perhaps getting them involved in choosing a new jacket from our list here could be a good way to bribe... sorry... persuade your young ones to come outside...

As we get to see new kit, we'll be updating this page, so keep popping back to stay up-to-date with our selection.

Freedom Trail Children's Adventurer Pole

Sometimes it's not the most expensive or alaborate accessories that really appeal to kids... sometimes it's just having something Mum or Dad has - and that's the beauty about this walking pole from Freedom Trail - one of Go Outdoors' exclusive brands.  Full extended it's 135cm long and weights 209 grams, so it's perfect for kids and just looks and feels the real deal.  There isn't any spring action on the tip - but for this price, who cares?  This pole could well be the difference between getting your kids out for a good walk or them moaning and wanting to stay indoors.

And for under £4, surely that's well worth it.

£3.99 - Buy Now


It's what we'd call a hat rather than a cap - but let's not fussy too much, as Swedish company ISBJÖRN have made a made a great hat here.  Lightweight and very soft, it's knitted from a blend of half acrylic and half wool - which means it is very warm when it is cold outside.

Inside, the hat is lined up to half way up with a soft micro fleece, which provides extra warmth around the forehead and ears, whilst leaving the top half of the hat around the hair not to get sweaty.  It comes in four different colour schemes - which should appeal to everyone - and us parents will be happy that it is easily washable too!

£25 - Buy Now

Regatta Kids Arlie II Reflective Waterproof Gloves

"It's too cold to go out walking Mum."  Oh really?  Then these trendy gloves from Regatta will be just the trick.

Available in two colours and three different sizes, they provide excellent protection from the rain, snow and biting winds.  They are made from tough-wearing HYDRAFORT fabric lightly wadded with warming Thermo-Guard insulation and lined with soft scrim fabric - so hands will be toasty.  They've also got super grippy palms and elastic at the wrist to keep the warmth locked in.

Was £25 now £18.70 - Buy Now

WolffePack Escape

Every so often a product comes along which is completely revolutional.  In the backpack stakes, that’s quite difficult… they are bags which sit on your back.  But what if the pack bit could unhook from the shoulder straps for easy access without having to take it all off your back?

Well, that’s exactly what the very clever Wolffepack does.  By using a simple, but ingenious mechanism, the pack section drops down from the shoulder straps so you can grab it and bring it around to your front – so you can easily pack and unpack it without having to take it off.  Once finished, it clicks back into place on your back.

The Escape is a smallish 18 litres, but has laptop and tablet sleeves, 2 side pockets and an external zipper pocket – and inside there’s 2 main compartments and organiser section.  It’s not really designed for walking and hiking, but it is comfy on the back and would be a great addition to your outdoor kit.

£99.99 - Buy Now

Terra Nova Laser 20 Elite Pack

When you see the website stating the weight of this 20 litre capacity backpack is 210 grams (7 oz), you could be forgiven for feeling a little sceptical… but it really is.

It’s actually lighter than most outdoor jackets, which makes it perfect for longer treks, and although light it still has plenty of features.  It has four pockets in total, padded shoulder straps and is incredibly waterproof.  One concession to the light weight is a roll-top hood instead of a zipped one – but this does work very well and stops water seeping into the top of the pack.

£35.00 - Buy Now

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