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Frequently Asked Questions

If you've a question about Walks Around Britain, we'd love to hear it - but before you email us, it is likely the answer is covered below and you will get an answer much more quickly than by contacting us.  If not, please get in touch... the info is at the bottom of the page.

Do you have to pay or subscribe to the Walks Around Britain website?
No, access to our main website at (the one you are visiting now) is free - we don't charge for our walks, as we want everyone to have access to our walks to be able to go and do them.

Throughout the website, there are adverts for products and services, and it helps us if you buy your next outdoor clothing through the links on our site.  That way, we get commission to help us keep access to the site free.  There is also the ability to donate to us, if you'd like to.

We launched at the start of the year our subscription-based video streaming website - like a "Netflix for Walking" - at  This is a paid-for subscription website with access to only our current programmes and exclusive new ones too - the revenue from which goes back into making more Walks Around Britain programmes - but you don't have to subscribe if you don't want to.  This main website will remain free-of-charge to use.

Why isn't there any walks in the .... area on your website?

Our website builds upon the walks from our television series, and we have 14 walks in each season.  We always try to make sure there's a good geographical spread throughout the seasons, and we aim to be having walks in all parts of Britain as soon as we can.

We're always interested in working with destinations to get walks into our television series and onto the website, so if you are a tourist board, council, hotel chain or similar company, and would like us to feature your area sooner, then please get in touch here.  We'll gladly share the short version of our video walks on your site and give you credits and links.

When will the Walks Around Britain TV series be shown in HD?

We've always filmed and edited our walks in High Definition right from the start, so all our TV series and specials have been made in HD from the start.  However, all the 20 TV channels in the UK - and those around the world - which take our series only broadcast in SD at the moment, and so on television the series will continue to be in standard definition for the foreseeable future.

The series is of course available in HD on our "Netflix for Walking" subscription streaming site, Amazon's Prime Video and YouTube.

When is Walks Around Britain on television?

With Walks Around Britain being broadcast on 20 TV channels in the UK, it isn't possible for us to keep up-to-date times of all the showings here on our website... but on this page there's a list of all those 20 channels with links to the TV listings/schedule pages of their website for you to check.

Alternatively, type "Walks Around Britain" into the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) of your preferred TV supplier on your TV or set-top box.  Or, use the online versions... for Freeview/YouView click here, for Sky click here, for Freesat click here and for Virgin Media click here.

Also, we try as much as we can to keep our followers on our Twitter and Facebook accounts up-to-date with news of showings, so you're welcome to follow us on those.

Internationally, again we recommend checking out the website of the channel's which show us - or your own local EPG.

All our programmes are available to stream in HD on demand whenever you want on our subscription website, they are also available to buy, rent or stream in HD on Amazon's Prime Video, and several are available for free on YouTube, which can be watched on a big screen using many modern TVs, Blu-Ray players or streaming devices.

What channels is Walks Around Britain shown on?

An up-to-date list of all the channels showing Walks Around Britain is on this page, along with links to the TV listings/schedule pages of their website for you to check when we will be next on.

Will Walks Around Britain be available on DVD?

Yes - it is already!  You can order our first DVD here, which is a selection of Andrew White's favourite 10 walks from seasons one and two of our television series.

It has always been our intention to have Walks Around Britain both online, on television and on a series of DVDs.  Our later DVDs will focus on a specific area of the country - for example, the Peak District - and may contain longer versions of walks and/or exclusive walks which won't be shown on television.  As Walks Around Britain is filmed in HD, we are looking into releasing titles on Blu-ray too.

Will Walks Around Britain be available in 4K / UHD?

We do have a move planned to be producing and editing Walks Around Britain is 4K / UHD (Ultra High Definition) - and this is likely to be in the latter part of 2019.  

4K/UHD increases the picture size from 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels tall (HD) to 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels tall (4K/UHD) - so that’s about four times more definition.  There's no doubt 4K/UHD would certainly add to the experience of watching Walks Around Britain, and would bring a heightened sense of being out there with us - which is why we are keen to use it.

We actually do have the capability right now to be producing in 4K/UHD, but, however, to do so now would greatly add to the costs and the complexity of making Walks Around Britain.  Put simply, four times the definition means much larger files sizes from the camera when we are filming - so we need more storage cards; it means longer times to edit and render the programmes - so each programme takes longer to make; and perhaps most importantly, filming in 4K/UHD makes everything cost more - which means we'd be able to make less editions.

Given all of that, and the fact the only way currently we'd have of getting the 4K/UHD versions to you is on YouTube, we'll be sticking to HD production for the foreseeable future... but 4K/UHD is certainly something we'll be moving towards soon.

Does Walks Around Britain have access services such as subtitles, audio description and signing?

We're proud to have subtitles on all our TV series and specials, and they are available on our subscription website, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.  Currently, the TV channels in the UK which broadcast Walks Around Britain don't have the capacity as yet to broadcast subtitles, but we will make ours available to them when they can.  Our first two DVD don't have subtitles, but we're working on including subtitles on future releases.

What does the "PP" mean at the start of Walks Around Britain?
It means "Product Placement", and it's where a company pays a programme-maker to include its products in a programme.  For us, this means we can have deals with companies like outdoor clothing manufactures for our presenters to wear their kit and destination management companies to go on walks in their area.  Product Placement is an important way we are able to fund the Walks Around Britain TV series.

All Product Placement in TV programmes specifically made for UK audiences has to conform to the rules of the regulator, Ofcom - and the "PP" logo which is shown on-screen at various times throughout the programme is part of those rules.  If you would like to read more about product placement click here.

Why can't I get Walks Around Britain on Community Channel / Together TV?

Community Channel was the very first channel to show the Walks Around Britain TV series, back on the 22nd January 2016.

However, after broadcasting three seasons and many, many showings Community Channel have decided to not show Walks Around Britain from 2018 when they rebranded to "Together TV".  We'd be more than happy for Together TV to show Walks Around Britain again, and we never say never...

However, there are many other channels who show Walks Around Britain, including Forces TV and PBS America - both of whom are on Freeview.

How can I advertise on your website or television programme?
We offer a variety of advertising opportunities on our website, podcast, DVDs, social media channels and inside our television series, as well as larger integration possibilities with our content.  

To learn more about commercial opportunities and how your brand can work with us please visit our dedicated page first, and feel free to get in touch with our Advertising team.
Who performs the music used in Walks Around Britain?
Our music is written and performed by a very talented American artist called Josh Woodward, and all his tracks are available to be bought online.  

For more information about Josh, visit his website here.
Why does Walks Around Britain have background music and can it be turned off?
We've always included background music on our films, going back to when we made the first short video walks for our YouTube channel in 2010.  Background music can be very useful in setting the mood for a sequence, but it is important to get the use right.  When we were making the first couple of editions of our television series, we screened them to a selected audience with and without the background music to see which they preferred - and the choice was with the background music, but to keep lower in the mix when there is talking, and we have tried to do that.

We do try very hard to choose music which is in keeping with the walk, the story and the landscape we are walking through, but we do know some people would prefer our programmes without the background music.  Unfortunately it isn't possible on any of the TV channels or broadcast platforms to transmit a version where the music can be switched off or on.

It is possible, however, to use the extra soundtrack feature of DVD to be able to have a soundtrack with background music as usual and another without the music - and we'll look into that for future DVD releases.

How can I become a presenter on Walks Around Britain?
We aren't currently looking out for new presenters for Walks Around Britain, but we do look at showreels sent to us from suitably qualified presenters.  However, please email us a link to the showreel hosted on a site such as YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, instead of attaching it to the email.

If you don't already have a showreel, then film something around 2-3 minutes in length and always have in mind how Walks Around Britain looks and feels.  Do not go to great expense and get family or friends to help.
I've an idea for a great walk for the series, who do I contact?
We're always happy to have suggestions for possible walks to include in the TV series, and if you have one, then please send as much detail as possible to and state in the subject line "walk suggestion".
How do I stock the Walks Around Britain DVDs?
If you have a retail outlet - either physical or online - and are interested in stocking the range of Walks Around Britain DVDs, then we'd be happy to hear from you.  

Please get in touch, sending as much detail as possible to
How do I comment on one of your programmes?

We also like to hear from our audience, so if you've got anything you'd like to tell us - good or bad - please get in touch using one of the methods on this page.

You could always leave us a comment on our Facebook page too.

Will there be any books to accompany the Walks Around Britain series?

More than likely, yes.  We are currently talking to a publisher about the possibility of a book taking in a selection of walks from the first four seasons of Walks Around Britain... so watch this space.

Can I submit my own videos?

Yes.  Our Facebook page is the perfect place for sharing your walking videos with us.

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