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Walks from the Falkland Islands Special - Darwin and Goose Green

A walk full of outstanding scenery and military history between the settlements of Darwin and Goose Green.

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Walk Info
??½ miles (???km)
Minimum time
???½ hours
Total ascent
?? ft (??m)
Level of difficulty
Fairly defined paths but decent navigation required
3 stiles / 2 gates / 6 fences
Darwin House Hotel
Kept on leads
Visitors car park at Darwin House
In Goose Green
Gradient Profile
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Route Directions

  • Park off road along the A161 Haxey Road, parking considerately for local residents.

  • Walk down Haxey Road towards the church.

  • Near B1403 Church Street, cross over Haxey Road to enter the grounds of the church for a closer look.

  • Once finished in the church, turn right onto the A161 - what is now called High Street.

  • Cross over Meadow Drive, and continue along High Street.

  • High Street turns right, and follow it down past the Methodist Church on the right.

  • At the point where the A161 turns left - and becomes Station Street - continue straight on down Wharf Road.

  • Wharf Road turns right, on the opposite side of the road is the gate for the access to the canal towpath.  Carefully cross Wharf Road and go through the gate.

  • Turn left, so that the canal is on your right hand side.

  • Walk along the canal towpath.  Go underneath the low arched bridge.

  • Drop down alongside the lock gates at Misterton High Lock.

  • Walk underneath the A161 road bridge and past Misteron Low Lock.  Go underneath another road bridge - this time Soss Lane.

  • Walk past the various buildings on the left and underneath the railway line bridge.

  • Now continue along this long, straight section of canal, with the house boats on the far side of the water.

  • Go around the black and white gates and under a road bridge for Canal Lane.

  • This is now Stockwith Basin.  Follow the basin around to the opposite side and turn left to walk alongside the River Trent.

  • When the path joins the road, cross over and turn left down a path marked with a footpath sign.

  • Follow the path alongside the River Idle, past the flood gates and the sluice.

  • Keep following the path and a drain runs close on the left hand side.

  • At the buildings, turn left at a footpath sign marked "Misterton 1" and then turn right on another footpath.

  • Follow the clear path through the field and climb up to carefully cross over the railway line.

  • At the other side, the path is clear through the fields, with the Misterton's church spire helping with navigation.

  • The path turns right to follow the line of trees, crosses a footbridge and turns left.

  • The path is clearly visible and when it reaches the gardens of houses, it turns left and then right to reach the A161 Haxey Road.

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Information about the restoration of the Chesterfield Canal, part of which this walk follows.

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