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For over 75 years, Maier Sports has developed and produced functional sports clothing in the Swabian town of Köngen. This high-quality outdoor and ski clothing is sold throughout Europe and Russia. Maier Sports is a German company with tradition and vision.

Like hardly any other German clothing manufacturer, Maier Sports combines a long history as an outdoor specialist with innovation and function. For over 75 years, Maier has relied on its great strengths – craftsmanship, design, and the very latest in textile technology. Maier Sports not only places great value on quality, but also on the responsible treatment of people and nature.

Since 2011, Maier Sports has been a member of the internationally renowned non-profit Fair Wear Foundation. This Foundation is regarded as the strictest protector in the monitoring of compliance with fair working conditions in the textile industry worldwide.

We want people to have fun in nature, support them in their desire to engage in active outdoor pursuits. Nature and all its aspects offers a wide variety of experiences. That starts right at the door of your home, with a long walk or outing in your neighborhood, or even a hiking or hut tour in the mountains. It can be just as exciting to explore a city, stroll through parks, or fields and forests. In winter, ski slopes and cross-country trails beckon, awakening thoughts of pushing yourself to the limit in a breathtaking landscape or simply enjoying the idyllic scenes. But winter walks through the snowy landscape or a cross-country snowshoe hike are also possibilities. These kinds of experiences in nature are becoming more and more valuable, because many of us often find too little time for them in the hectic bustle of workaday life. Maier Sports wants to motivate and accompany you as you enjoy, feel, and experience life outdoors. Escape from day-to-day stresses and discover the beauty of nature for yourself – functional ski and outdoor clothing from Maier Sports will always safely accompany and support you.

We want you to feel good. Our goal is to provide everyone – whether a skier or an outdoor enthusiast, sports pro or nature lover – with the right equipment. For hikes and ski tours of all kinds, we have the perfect outfit for you. When developing our ski and outdoor clothing, we ensure at every step that our textiles are precisely tailored to your needs.

Fitted form: Maier Sports has long been the fitted form specialist in the sports sector. Thanks to over 75 years of experience and our unique fitted form system. We offer 32 men's and 25 women's sizes, so everyone is guaranteed to find a perfectly fitting garment.
Quality: We voluntarily provide a 5-year guarantee on all our products. That's because we're convinced of the quality of our products. We're there for you personally if you have a concern about our clothing.
Applications: Whether hiking or snowshoe touring, whether skiing on groomed slopes or powder – everybody has their own personal wishes and preferences, and every terrain has its own quirks and requirements. We have the right outfit for every application, from all-rounder to specialist.
What should work, must fit first. This is the basic requirement that every new Maier Sports product has to fulfill. Our pants are therefore available in 32 men's and 25 women's sizes. Whether standard, short, long, wide or tight - every customer will find the perfect fitting item in our size selection. Because we think: what better fits our customers, works much better!
What distinguishes us from all other manufacturers of functional outdoor clothing is a dimension: Maier Sports should not only adapt perfectly to the body. Our pieces should also fit into the ideas, plans and the values of our customers. Only those who are intellectually and emotionally not confined can also move, interact and experience themselves freely in their environment together with others.
That's why we make all-day outdoor clothing for self-assured pleasure-athletes and hikers. For everyone the perfect fitting piece of clothing, solidly processed in a timeless design. Durable. Long wearable and combinable. With passport and quality guarantee.
In this way, we inspire women and men who do not want to go faster, higher or farther, but to discover nature, landscapes, leisure and culture alone and together with other people, and to enjoy it in all seasons.
Because the quality and performance of the Maier Sports brand and its products are high-quality and free from high-end features, they are ideal for people who not only have a clear relationship to consumption and media use, but also to family, society , Career and leisure.
By "ascertained and clarified" we mean a lifelong distance to one's own existence. In other words, anyone who wants to enjoy life (including the ski holiday as well as the trekking tour, the hiking weekend or the dog's gait), must not see everything so dogged.
It goes without saying that our products must also fit into our times. We do not want to accept clothing that is produced by not observing social standards and ignoring our environment. That is why we are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and therefore we attach great importance to excellent workmanship, a high durability and timeless style of our clothing.
Durability and timelessness also fit our needs and the expectation of our customers, which makes outdoor clothing contribute to sustainability. What's more, our "Mission Clean Function" means that we are committed to using materials that are safe for our environment and people. For example, we use an alternative impregnation that is free of perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC).

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