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Walking with Dogs

You might have noticed, but we're a bit dog crazy here at Walks Around Britain.  In fact, all of Andrew's Border Collies have appeared on walks on our television series... all but one; the youngest - Mocha - and that's going to be sorted in season five!

We can't think of anything better than a walk in the country with our four-legged friends.

So, we've put together a few pages with great information and advice on walking in Great Britain with your dog.

Dog walking tips
One of our mini-podcasts packed with information about going walking with your dog.

Masses of useful advice about going walking with your dog - and all about our rights and responsibilities as dog-owners.

All the information you need about walking with your dog on Public Rights of Way, Open Access land and about wakling anywhere in Scotland.

Useful practical advice about looking after your Dog when out in the countryside - from overheating to Adder bites.

Our dedicated page full our information about the nasty disease CRVG - or Alabama Rot.

All of the walks from the Walks Around Britain television series with feature Andrew's pack of Border Collies are here - watch them on the Walks Around Britain Shorts.

All about Merlin, Mac, Mysti, Mocha and Maisie - the Walks Around Britain Border Collies.

Ok, they are really Andrew's but they ours too!

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